Relentless about your
personal safety

For you, your loved ones, and your community at large,
TWERP gives you the power to create a safer world.

The case for TWERP

With so many safety options, tools, classes, why use TWERP for your personal safety?

We’re here to empower you and your loved ones in your day-to-day routines, rather than instill fear. However, we feel it’s a healthy practice to remind ourselves of certain crime statistics to lay the groundwork for why we care about personal safety.
TWERP gives you the power to quickly, and easily send three different types of alerts, While easily leveraging the surrounding community’s support.
  1. Tap to send an alert to both your pre-registered friends, and family network. Also any other surrounding TWERP app users within a 5-mile radius.
  2. Need only the help of your pre-registered family and friends? No problem! TWERP allows you to send an alert only to your predetermined network.
  3. Did you witness something? A fire? Mass shooting? Tornado or other environmental threat? You can add a General Emergency alert into your TWERP app, and notify all other TWERP users in a 5-mile radius.

The uses for TWERP are numerous

TWERP provides full two-way communication on smartphones in real time including one-way and two-way GPS location ID.
It gives the receiver the exact location of the caller.
Another option provides GPS location of both caller and receiver.

For law enforcement

TWERP is not connected directly to 911. TWERP is a 2nd alert system to help add other levels of safety, and protection to innocent bystanders in the area of an event.

TWERP provides timely information to local law enforcement users using the TWERP app with GPS location ID for anything looking suspicious or worth reporting.

Counter-terrorism – TWERP will send timely communication alerts to local law enforcement that have TWERP installed on their smart-phones allowing them to be aware of suspicious situations immediately.

Whatever the need is, TWERP will communicate in record speed to all first responders using TWERP and users in the area.

For Personal use, business use, & commercial use

With one-way and two-way GPS location ID with full feature communication platform allowing you to track employees such as pizza delivery, traveling nurses, or truck drivers.

TWERP is easy and reliable —
here’s how it works:

The main alerting screen is simple and easy to use. Keep the app open and at-the-ready throughout your daily routine. However, we encourage you and your family to watch the quick tutorial video.

We’re here for you.

Please visit to contact us, or call 254-229-4311 for support or questions regarding your TWERP app.

The TWERP Security App is a creation of Living Apps, LLC. Living Apps, LLC is a U.S. based company providing mobile app solutions to business and industry nationwide and globally.

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